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David Baker is a bilingual real estate agent (spanish/english) who has been helping clients since 2004 and specializing in the South Phoenix and Laveen Area... read more

Selling a Home

There is a lot that goes into selling a home, not just knowing the value.  Value is important, but so is a great marketing plan, and that is where I come in.  Find out more..

Past client Testimonials

One of the huge benefits of being in real estate since 2004, is having several years under my belt.  Also several hundred sold homes and past clients.  Testimonials are here.............


Never sold before, but David walked me through the entire process and educated me along the way. Great experience.


Sold my home, without my even being in state! Got me exactly market value, and did it within time he'd indicated!


David REALLY knows the Laveen real estate market. Always answered the phone and got us exactly what we needed!


Thank you David. Really appreciated all your help in making it a smooth process finding the new house. Nailed it down in a short time.

Janet and Jason

David helped us with our short sale, and situation more unique because of divorce. Yet, it was seamless working with David.


Used David on several transactions. Boy David has always been there when we called him, ready to show and always available. Did a great job, highly recommend him.


David helped with the sale and purchase of a home. Did a great, fantastic job. He is very straightforward, very helpful and I was very pleased.


David was very helpful, truly appreciate all the information he provided I was not aware of. If ever I need a realtor again, David is who I’m going with.


Sold my home, while I was out of state, and coordinated help for repairs. Went above and beyond, highly recommend David.


A true and honest professional. Walked me through all my options, and then SOLD my home.


Sell my Laveen Az 85339 home 

This site is dedicated to help both buyers and sellers with real estate in Laveen Az 85339. The idea of the site is really to give you as much information as possible so you can make informed decisions about your particular real estate scenario or situation. The site is much heavier on the home owner side which is great to help with knowledge of the market on overall home values for Laveen. Course, knowing home values and market trends can also help buyers. While you will get a ton of information from the site that you could use to conduct your own real estate transaction, I would like to say, it is always a good idea to use a realtor. While you can possibly avoid paying some commissions by not using a realtor, you will in the end open yourself up to a lot of liable situations if you are not well versed in real estate transaction and the many responsibilities and legal obligations faced by a home seller. Your realtor is an experienced professional that can not only help you with marketing and negotiating, but also to ensure that all of your legal rights and obligations are protected. In the end the goal is to help sell your home for the highest value, avoid liable situations and move on to the next step in life, right?

Laveen Az 85339 real estate is ever changing, and knowing the market can really help you maximize your investment. Do not kid yourself, owning a home can be a great investment and can add a sizable amount of money to your future. The key is to know the market and using that knowledge to your benefit. So some key things one needs to pay attention to in the real etate market:

1. Seller market or buyer market?

Does Laveen Az 85339 real estate market favor the buyer or the seller at the current time? Chances are you can read through many article I write, and find out easily who benefits the most. Rule of thumb to know the current real estate market is knowing the current inventory of homes. This does NOT mean you need to go out and do previews of all homes currently on the open market. What the current inventory refers to is the number of months absorption ( turn over) we have in todays market. To know what the current inventory level is you take the current active homes and divide it by the number of homes sold over a period of time. I like looking at this in a monthly format or over a 30 day period of time. For example, if there is currently 150 active homes for sale in Laveen Az and 50 sold in the last 30 days, then we have a 3 month inventory or supply of homes. Below is the math:

150/50= 3 months supply or inventory of homes

What does the current inventory of homes tell us? Well the above example places us at a 3 month inventory which is a transitional market. The rule of thumb is under 3 months is a seller market and over 3 months is a buyer market. If you are at the middle area, you are basically a nuetral market or transitional market. In summary a buyer market benefits the buyer. With over 3 months inventory of homes there is many homes on the market and buyers have more choices of homes to pick/choose to buyer. As such a seller has to compete with more home owners to get their home sold. This can sometimes lead to price reductions, or concessions offered to buyer. On the other end is the seller market which is under 3 months inventory. In this type of market there is a lower level inventory of homes and buyers have less choices. With less choices more buyers are competing for the same homes. This sometimes can lead to multiple offer situations and buyers offering a little above market value or even making offers with little concessions requested if any.

2. What is the current market value of your Laveen Az 85339 home?

Looking to sell a Laveen Az 85339 home or property?  It is very important to know what the current value of your home is if you are looking to place the home on the market for sale. Again, if selling I would highly encourage using a realtor and even more I would recommend you seek to use on of several Laveen realtors who are more konwledgable of the area and will likely know how to really zero in on the most likely sale price. To justify that statement, I would like to just point out that if you don’t know the nuances of an area you will be missing out on several factors that should be considered when pricing a home. While in todays world technology is readily available and information is just a click away, I would make sure to questions the accuracy of automated property valuation models. Many AVM’s (automated valuation models) are based of tax records and in accurate information. One of the most popular valuation companies has disclosed deep on their website that only 60 % of the time are their values within 10% of the sales price! Just to refresh all our memories, a 60% is a “D”, which is below average! The multiple listing service, which is something that we realtors use is on average 2% to 5% from final sales price. So quick question, would you rather use the services of someone that is 40% off the final sales price, or someone that is on average only 2% to 5% from final sales price. Keep in mind, this 2-5% is based on the entire MLS for the metro Phoenix area which is anywhere from 5000 to 8000 deals a month. You start looking at a specialist in real estate for the Laveen area (like me) and you will see that that average is MUCH better.

What would Laveen realtors look for when trying to determine value for you home? I can only speak for myself, but it should be the same for most realtors as well. I try to come up with values in several ways, so that I have at the very least 2 sources of information that are validating a homes value. The most commonly used tool for determining value of a home is the MLS (multiple listing service). What I like to do when using the mls to determine the value of the home is to find 3 properties that are similar to subject home (your home). Ideally the comparable properties will be within the same subdivision, have similar square footage and amenities. Much like an appraiser, I like to bracket my homes within 20% above or below square footage, lot size and again hopefully within same subdivision but if not at least within ½ to 1 mile in distance from subject home. In the end I will get some statistical information I can view and share with a home owner that will give us an idea of the low/median/high prices in the area for homes that are similar. Based on information gathered and reviewing condition of subject home one can see what would be the most likely sales price/value of home.

3. What repairs should be made prior to placing your home on the market?

Wow is that a loaded question, but a very good one. In the end as a realtor my goal is to help my client maximize their investment, and that includes helping home owners determine what if any repairs should be made on their home to help elevate their sale price. Truth is that knowing your homes current market value and knowing the real estate market will also help you determine what if any repairs you should make to the home. Also knowing your own personal goals and reasons for selling the home are important and can help determine the answer to this question. Will the repair be something that enhances the sales price? Will the repair give you more than a dollar for dollar return on the sales price? Will the repair help the home sell faster? The answer changes as the market changes as well. Knowing if the real estate market benefits the buyer or the seller needs to be considered.

I do have a tool I use, that can be used to help determine if particular home improvements will give a home owner added value. This is not an automated system, so it can really only be shared when I meet potential home sellers and we are discussing marketing, pricing and over all sales strategy to maximize home owners sales price. With help of this tool, and of course my knowledge of the local Laveen real estate market we can analyze different projects that should or should not be considered to help with the sale.

The only other advice I can give freely and be fairly confident in sharing is, make the simple repairs that will make home look nicer and help with the marketing and viewing of the home. As an example, if home has a room with less than desirable paint job, it may be a good idea to buy a bucket of paint and do a little work to give it a new look. This is something that can be done by home owner with little expense beyond time and a little paint, but that can make a world of difference in how that room is viewed by potential buyers.

4. What is going on within your area or real estate market?

By this I mean is there any particular thing going on that could affect home values in Laveen? This here is another great reason to choose to use a Laveen realtor and area specialist over out of area realtors, because lack of knowledge of the area can translate to hassles, liabilities and even loss of money on the sales price. For example in the near future Laveen will see the building of a freeway connecting the Laveen area with the I-10 freeway. Is the home close to a dairy, will the air quality or smell affect home values in any way? These are things that home owner can of course help with, but that Laveen realtors will know, and which will also help in determining current and possibly future values.

As you can see, there is a lot to know about Laveen Az 85339 real estate. I do real estate full time and I can say it does take time, effort, dedication to educate oneself and constantly to stay current on the trends that help home owners determine their home values in the area and to make sure an comply with the ever changes rules and regulations within the industry. Lack of knowledge in my industry is one that can in the end cost money! The money at stake is the home owners, and that is one major reason to make sure and choose the right real estate agent.

About the Laveen Az 85339 Realtor - David Baker

Welcome, my name is David Baker and I am a Laveen realtor dedicated to ensure my Laveen home owners are given professional real estate services from start to finish and helping them achieve their real estate goals. I have been a full time real estate agent (realtor) since 2004. In that time I have worked for 3 companies also known as brokerages. I started my career at Keller Williams, then moved to Re/Max and now reside with HomeSmart Realty. Why the moves? The short answer is that you move for growth, and HomeSmart realty allows me more flexibility to truly market more aggressively for my clients benefit which allows me to grow my business and help more people.

Why Choose David as your Laveen Realtor to help with the sale of your home?

· Bilingual – I do speak spanish fluenty and do marketing in both languages

· Large on line presence – I have studied and implemented a lot of strategies to help gain me and my clients on line exposure. Google me, or Laveen and you likely will find me on the first page of google, bing, yahoo……….etc. This help me and my clients!

· Social media – Another aspect to on line, also allows for huge exposure for my clients benefit

· One of your local Laveen Realtors – I do work and live in Laveen. Easy for me to come by and present offers, show the home to prospective buyers, do open houses and more

· Reverse prospecting – My homes also look for buyers!

· Cancellable listing

· Full time real estate agent

· Syndication for all listings to thousands of sites

· Easy communication – I answer my phone and communicate frequently with my clients. You would think this is a given, but you will be amazed at how difficult it can be to reach some realtors.

While the above is by no means an exhaustive list, it gives you an idea of what David(me) brings to the table as your Laveen Realtor. I actually sell more resale homes in the Laveen area than 99% + of realtors. Yes, I am a top real estate agent in the area with many sales on a yearly basis. This really is also some good proof that I have the knowledge and experience to be able to help you maximize the sale of your home too.

I would love the opportunity to earn your business and have you as one of my many satisfied clients. You can view previous client testimonials on this site as well as video testimonials from past clients. Keep in mind, when considering realtors for the job of selling your home, while this site is dedicated more heavily to home owners I do work with many home buyers as well. Since I am a Laveen area realtor and specialist, chances are MUCH better that I will actually have a potential buyer for your home than 99%. How can I say this and know it for sure? Easy, I work and live in Laveen and market aggresively in the area. As such, I always have contact with people looking to buyer in the area. I’ve always wondered why some home owners will list a home with an agent that works in another area? Since their marketing efforts are based in another area, and their knowledge of the market is in another area, how can they truly do a good job?

So, give me a call and lets set up a time to discuss your homes value and sale strategy. I look forward to putting my knowledge of the local area, the market trends and home values to good use to help maximize your homes sales price and ensure a smooth transaction.