Selling your Home

Knowing the value of your home in today's world has been made a lot easier by many online providers.  Problem is, just because it an be found on line, and even because it has been made convenient does not always make it right.  Actually it is most likely old, out dated and inaccurate information.  One of the most popular websites offers a zestimate, but they rate themselves a "d" for being within 10% of final sales price.  In school that is pretty close to a failing grade, do YOU want to trust that?

To Sell your South Phoenix and Laveen area home, you want a realtor who stays on top of the market!  I have been selling homes in the 85040, 85041,85042, 85044,85045,85048 and 85339 as my area of specialty for years!  Pricing depends on current market trends and recent sales.  As a person considering selling your south phoenix home, you will want to make sure to have accurate home pricing and market trend information.

Sell your Laveen Az 85339

 Sell your Laveen Az 85339 home, and do so with the knowledge you have years of experience backing your real estate transaction in your local Laveen Realtor- David Baker.

Over the years I've developed a system for selling Laveen homes that works.  Selling Laveen homes since 2004 has taught me a consistent and proven method for a successful real estate transaction.  While I have touched on my system above, let me be a little redundant and state it plainly below.

1.  Price Your Home Right

One of the most important steps in selling your Laveen Az 85339 property, is getting the price for sale right!  It is a well known fact for most real estate agents, that a home that is overpriced will usually take LONGER to sell, and statistically sell for less the longer the home stays on the market.  When Laveen Az homes for sale first hits the market, that is when the vast majority of the showings will occur.  

I have over time in the Laveen Real Estate market, worked out best practices for getting a home priced right, and to get it sold.  Looking to sell your Laveen Az 85339 home, feel free to reach out to me for a free no obligation consultation.

2.  Condition of the home for Sale in Laveen Az

If you are looking to sell your Laveen Az 85339 home for  TOP dollar, then you need to make sure your home DEMANDS top dollar.  In order to demand top dollar the home needs to be in top dollar condition when it goes to market.  As an real estate agent in the Laveen area since 2004, I know what a home must look like to get the top dollar.  Years of experience in the real estate industry allow me to share with clients what improvements or repairs need to be done in order to get the home sold for the most money.  My goal for every one of my clients it to get their Laveen Az 85339 home sold for the most money, and to do so with investing the least amount of money.  I love to get my Laveen home sellers the most return on their investment.

3.  Market the home for sale

Market a property for sale

Market a property for sale

The key to getting a Laveen Az 85339 home sold it to market the home aggressively.  With years of experience selling real estate, one develops and perfects a home selling system.  I have developed a system to sell homes that is consistent, and produces the same results each time, which is a sold home!

The goal is to market a home for sale to the widest and largest audience possible.  My marketing system involves heavy marketing to the internet, social media platforms, email, my database of buyers, the MLS and of course some print marketing as well.  In addition, when planning the marketing for each property, we do an in depth look at who will be the most likely buyer.  With the additional knowledge of the likely buyer, we can also market directly to the most likely buyer.  

Ready to market and sell your home today?  Reach out to me David Baker Realtor at 602-373-6345, other contact information can be found here.


Negotiating a successful contract on a real estate transaction is more than just luck.  Learning how to successfully negotiate a real estate transaction comes from experience.  With several hundreds of transactions sold in my real estate career, I have gained a lot of experience and have a proven track record of sales.  I have become a skilled negotiator who can be sure to help you get the most money a buyer is willing to pay on a property.  Additionally I negotiate to make sure all my clients selling their Laveen Az home making the smallest possible contribution to buyers fees (another expense) and the fewest repairs possible.  

While I always plan to help my clients walk away with the most money possible through our negotiations, I also strive to make the the real estate transaction as smooth as possible.  


When we have gotten to the closing table, we have successfully gone through each and everyone of the steps listed above, in the selling your Laveen Az 85339 home.  You have made it!  The home was prepared for market, to gain the most traction possible.  We marketed the home to reach the largest pool of buyers possible, and began to allow for showings.  We received and negotiated the best offer on your Laveen home for sale!  We negotiated  any repairs and now are at the closing table.

Few things to keep in mind at the closing table.  First, title company will reach out to schedule the final signing, don't forget to take legal identification which will be required.  While signing at title, they will also ask how you will want the proceeds of the sale of your Laveen Az property to be distributed.  The most popular choices for distribution of proceeds in the sale of real estate is getting a cashiers check or to have funds electronically wired into a bank account.  Be sure you double check any and all wire instructions.

Lastly, be sure to schedule shut off for all your services.    

Negotiating a Real Estate Sale

Negotiating a Real Estate Sale