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Is Laveen Az a Good Place to Live

Choosing the perfect place to settle down and call home is a significant decision. For those considering Laveen, AZ, there are several factors to consider. From its favorable climate and strategic location to its thriving retail options, excellent schools, increasing home values, and growing diversity, Laveen offers a compelling case for an ideal place to live.

Climate and Location

The climate in Laveen is one of its major attractions. As part of the Sonoran Desert region, the area experiences long, hot summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature hovers around 75°F (24°C), providing residents with an inviting environment to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. With approximately 300 days of sunshine per year, Laveen residents can bask in the sun and take advantage of the favorable weather.

Summers in Laveen are hot, with temperatures often reaching over 100°F (38°C). However, the low humidity levels make the heat more bearable, and residents can find relief by taking advantage of community pools, enjoying water sports on nearby lakes, or exploring the numerous air-conditioned indoor attractions in the region.

Winters in Laveen are mild, with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s°F (around 18°C) during the day to cooler temperatures in the evenings. Snow is a rare occurrence, allowing residents to escape the frigid winter conditions experienced in other parts of the country. The pleasant winter climate encourages outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

Laveen Az

The proximity to Phoenix is another advantage of living in Laveen. Being only a short drive away from the bustling metropolitan area allows residents to easily access the amenities and opportunities that come with a major city. From world-class dining and shopping to cultural attractions and professional sports events, Phoenix offers a diverse range of experiences. Laveen residents can take advantage of these offerings while still enjoying a slightly quieter suburban lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Furthermore, Laveen's location provides convenient access to major transportation routes. The nearby Interstate 10  and new loop 202 connects the area to other parts of Phoenix, making commuting and traveling a breeze. Residents can explore the scenic beauty of Arizona, venture into neighboring states, or take advantage of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for domestic and international travel.

Overall, the climate and location of Laveen, AZ, create an ideal setting for those seeking a warm and sunny climate, easy access to urban amenities, and a suburban lifestyle. Whether enjoying the great outdoors or exploring the vibrant city of Phoenix, residents of Laveen can revel in the best of what the region has to offer.

Housing and Homes for Sale and Rent

If you are looking for a place to settle down, Laveen Az has some excellent homes for your consideration.  For years, Laveen Az had been a well kept secret, but the secret is now out with the completion of the 202 South Mountain freeway.  With a variety of homes to choose from there really is pretty much something for everyone.

First regarding rentals, there is a lot of options for rentals in the area.  As of the writing of this article, the average rental is about $2,300 (August 2023).  Mostly the Laveen rental market is made up of single family homes ranging from 2-6 bedrooms, with the average being your typical 3 bedroom 2 bath home.  There are also options for renting horse property in the area as well.  I may need to change up this article in the future as there are several rental/lease communities in the process of being built at this time. I don’t generally deal with rentals, so I would not be much help in finding rental property.

 If you are looking to buy or sell, feel free to call me, I specialize in the South Mountain and Laveen area.  As of the time of writing this article, there are many builders giving buyers incentives when buying a new built home.  Most builders will provide upgrades as well as help with closing fees, or/and credit if there lender is used to buy down the interest rate.  Buying down the interest rate is a interesting option, where at this time (currently 7.04%) one can buy a home and with their lender get a 5.5% interest loan.  Call me for more details and to find out what builders are offering.

Homes for sale in the Laveen area.  As of the time of the article the median home sales price for the Laveen area is $394,000.  This is based on information provided by the Cromford report dated August 2023.  Most of the sales in the area are made up of single family resale homes, horse property and of course new home construction.  There are several new home developments and home builders in the area such as Taylor Morrison, Meritage Homes, Homes by Towne, KB Homes and so on.  Most new homes being built at this time range from 1500 square feet and up, and mostly priced from the high $300’s. 

Laveen Az Homes for Sale

The Laveen Az 85339 area boasts a diverse and dynamic education system, offering a range of options from the public elementary schools to charter schools and high schools.  At the heart of the education system is the Laveen Elementary School District, which oversees a total of nine schools in the zip code.  The schools are dedicated to providing a quality education and fostering a supportive community for students and their families.

The Laveen Elementary School District is committed to academic excellence and personal growth for its students. With a focus on creating a nurturing and inclusive environment, the district's nine schools offer comprehensive educational programs and resources. These schools include:

MC Cash Elementary School - Dedicated to fostering a love for learning, Cash Elementary provides a safe and engaging atmosphere for students to excel academically and socially.

Cheatham Elementary - With a strong emphasis on building character and leadership skills, Cheatham Elementary is a place where students develop both academically and personally.

Desert Meadows Elementary - This school encourages critical thinking and creativity, enabling students to become active and lifelong learners.

Ed and Pastor Elementary - is known for its commitment to academic rigor and providing students with a strong foundation for future success.

Laveen Elemantary - Laveen Elementary takes pride in its inclusive environment, promoting a sense of belonging and academic achievement for all students.

Estrella Foothills Global Academy – The global studies program creates opportunities for students to think and engage in learning activities that broaden their global perspective.

Paseo Pointe Elementary - With a dedication to academic excellence, Paseo Pointe School offers a range of programs and extracurricular activities to support well-rounded development.

Rogers Ranch Elementary - Rogers Ranch is known for its strong community involvement and a commitment to fostering a sense of responsibility and respect among students.

Vista Del Sur - This school provides an accelerated curriculum for motivated learners, challenging them to excel academically while also emphasizing character development.

To find out specifics about the Laveen Elementary School district, click here.

In addition to the public schools within the Laveen Elementary School District, the area is home to several charter schools that offer alternative educational options. These schools often have unique pedagogical approaches and specialized programs tailored to different learning styles. Some notable charter schools in the Laveen area include:

Heritage Academy                       Legacy Traditional School                          Sun Valley Academy

Country Gardens Charter School                             Riverbend Preparatory School

As you see, there are plenty of choices for your family to consider for schooling in the Laveen Arizona area.

High Schools

High School education of course is also accessible in the Laveen Az 85339 area.  Students have the opportunity to attend nearby highs schools that cater to their education and extracurricular needs.  Some of the schools are:

Ceasar Chavez High School – Part of the Phoenix Union high school district.  It offers you 9-12 grades, all the academics in your traditional high school and of course a full complement of sports for the students.  Come be part of being a “champion”.

Betty Fairfax High School – This is the 2nd Phoenix Union High School in the Laveen area.  They are known as the Stampede.  It currently has about 2000 students and of course offers your full range of academic and sporting activities as well as plenty extracurricular activities.

Health Care in the Laveen Arizona Area

In the Laveen Arizona area you can find a variety of health care services to cater to your medical needs.  Some of the common health services can be found in Laveen proper such as:

Urgent Care      Hospital     Primary Care Physicians    Dental Clinics  Chiropractors......etc

While Laveen may not cater to all your medical needs, most of your medical requirements can be met within a short 25 minute drive to area doctors and medical centers.

The Laveen, Arizona area offers a variety of recreational activities for adults, kids, and teens to enjoy. Here are some options:

For Adults:

1. Hiking and Outdoor Activities:  Explore nearby hiking trails in the South Mountain Park and Preserve, offering breathtaking desert views and outdoor adventures.

2. Golf Courses: Enjoy a round of golf at local golf courses like Aguila Golf Course, which offers beautiful landscapes and a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Fitness Centers: Join local gyms and fitness centers to stay active, participate in group fitness classes, or work with personal trainers.  We currently have locations such as LA Fitness, and Planet fitness.

4. Community Centers: Many community centers in the area offer fitness classes, workshops, and social events for adults.

5. Cultural and Arts Events: Attend art exhibitions, theater performances, and cultural events that the community might organize.  These are technically in Laveen, you may have to venture to the downtown area which offers great cultural opportunities.

6. Local Dining and Entertainment: Explore local restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues for a relaxing night out.  Not to mention, maybe a good happy hour.

For Kids and Teens:

1. Parks and Playgrounds: Explore the local parks equipped with playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas for outdoor fun.

2. Youth Sports Leagues: Join organized sports leagues for kids and teens, including soccer, baseball, basketball, and more.

3. Summer Camps: Many organizations offer summer camps with a variety of activities, including sports, arts and crafts, and educational programs.

4.  Nature Exploration: Engage in nature-related activities like nature walks, wildlife observation, and eco-friendly workshops.  South mountain park is a great place to explore and they have the SMEC – South Mountain Education Center.

Remember that specific activities and programs may vary, so it's a good idea to check local community center websites, school bulletins, and online resources to find the most up-to-date information about recreational opportunities in the Laveen, Arizona area.

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