David Baker Realtor

A little about David Baker - Laveen Realtor

David Baker is a bilingual realtor specializing in the Southwest Phoenix area, especially Laveen real estate.  Licensed since 2004,  David has helped several hundred buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.  Bilingual realtor who is comfortable either speaking in Spanish or English, and who can make sure to reach a larger percentage of the population in the area.

Work Experience

Keller Williams

Where I began my full time real estate career.  Helped many buyers and sellers in the South Phoenix and Laveen Area.  One of the biggest take aways from my time here, was learning the business.  This company, really has a great education program, and I took full advantage.  Learning home to get the best deals for my buyers, how to find the best deals, negotiations strategies and more.  I also did the same for sellers, learning how to maximize and negotiate the best net for my seller client.


The next evolution in the realtor life.  It was during this time that we experienced the downturn in the real estate market and overall U.S. economy.  A lot of my work during these years was helping short sale sellers, helping banks sell off bank assets, helping buyers purchase homes.  This was really working in what I would call the distress market.  In these years I began to help a larger number of sellers and buyers, and with the amount of work that went into distress properties.............began to develop my real estate processes.  How to price homes right, how to market in media, how to market online, how to market to different demographics and so on.  

Home Smart Realty

Currently working at this brokerage since about 2013.  I continue to grow my business and help many a Laveen home seller and buyer in the area.  One of the big differences is my on-line marketing strategy.  With over 98% of people on the internet, I have learned and focused a lot of my business in being where the clients are.  This TRULY benefits my seller clients, as I have learned how to maximize online exposure to get their homes seen by as many buyers as is possible.  My online strategy(process), as well as social media strategy is currently helping me sell homes in times less than the mls average for the area.  While I won't share my step by step process, you can get a general idea to what is done to help market a home and get it sold.  HAVING a plan is really a must, and not many do.  I do.

eXp Realty

Moved to eXp Realty in October 2023.  Why?  

I made what will likely be my last move to the brokerage of eXp Realty, because they are a company that is setting the state for the future of real estate.  They are a cloud based real estate brokerage, that offers a plethora of support for their agents, enabling them to do a GREAT job for their clients.

David Baker Realtor

Bilingual - Yup it helps here in PHX

I am a family man, with 2 kids that both attend the local schools.  We love Laveen, and have made it home since 2001.

We love animals and are likely one of the very few families involved in dog sledding in Arizona!!

We are sports fans, and are active in soccer in the area.  By the way, check out Laveen Soccer and also Laveen FC for older kids as a great option for soccer in the local area.

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