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Seller Tip #1 | How to help your home sell

Make a good first Impression

​A first impression is something that can never be done again, once you have made it, it is DONE.  This was also something that I had originally started hearing when I was a young boy, mom would always says it is important to make a good first impression.  Well, not much has changed it seems, because I now I'm telling people, just like my mother that the first impression one makes is very important.

​When a potential buyer has decided to come and view your home, this is GREAT news.  After all, when a homeowner places their home on the market it is usually to get it sold.  In order to get the home sold, it is very common to need a buyer.  So again, when a buyer decides to come through the front door of the home, this is indeed good news.  It shows that the buyer has interest in a home, and very likely similar to the one they are about to walk into.  You see, in today's world, many buyers would have already seen some photos of home and are aware of the overall aspects of the home.  Things such as how many bedrooms, bathrooms and maybe square footage and price.

Once the potential buyer has decided that the home poses a big enough interest to them, they schedule that appointment, right?​  So going back to the beginning, now that they are at the home we need to make a good first impression.

​Declutter your Home

So, the heading for this next section really is the summary of what the TIP #1 is, declutter.  If you are standing in your living room, which also happens to be right next to the kitchen, and you can not see the kitchen from the stacked boxes there is a problem.  First, you may be a hoarder and that is a problem.  Luckily in my 12 years plus of selling real estate here in the South Phoenix and Laveen area, I have not had many people that would even come close to being called hoarders.  Yet, there are those who could benefit from this Seller tip, and that is to declutter.

​What is decluttering entail?

When it comes down to it, decluttering is removing all excess items that don't need to be in the home.​  One thing you can ask yourself is the following: "would removing this make the home look better?", or even possibly "do I need to have this out at this time?".  If the answer to these questions is no, then it would likely be a good idea to remove it.

So to give you an idea, let me use some examples.  Lets say that there is an area of the house, that does not get used very much.  As it is not in constant use, maybe just maybe the powers that be decided to go ahead and place one thing, then maybe another into the area for storage.  Well over time, that area of storage just grew and grew, to the point where not there is huge amounts of storage going on in this room.  Let us call this room the GARAGE, and due to the excess storage going on in the garage, vehicles are not able to be parked.  In addition, maybe on really can't even see the full garage well, because there is so much being stored.​

When it comes down to it, wouldn't you as a potential buyer really want to be able to see the entire home?  So if you do have rooms that are full of storage items, it may be something you really want to deal with before placing it on the market for sale.  Again, making that good first impression is huge.  It is very important to make sure you allow the buyer to see the home, and the potential, so they can see if they have an interest to move forward with an offer.  Chances are, if you place home on market you will eventually sell anyway.  So why not start packing a little, so you can make sure to make that best first impression.​