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Sales Information December 2016

Lets look at the statistics for recent home sales as well as current homes on the market.  This of course will give us an idea of the over all conditions for the local Laveen real estate market.

159 active properties for sale

137 properties currently under contract

86 homes sold in the month of November 2016

$109.62 was average dollar a square foot

$214,213 was the average sales price for homes sold

71 was the average time to sell for homes that sold

1.85 months inventory


The market in the Laveen area, continues to be over all pretty steady.  With a 1.85 current market rate inventory, we are still in a market that favors homeowners or sellers.  Keep in mind though, that even though the numbers above show the entire zip code of Laveen, and it does give us an overall idea of the market, it can differ a bit depending on the property.  As an example, horse property in Laveen currently is experiencing a buyer market, as is land sales.  The point is, if you’re considering selling, make sure to look not only at the over all picture but also at your specific niche.

Homes under the $225,000 range are selling at a pretty quick pace.  Those homes over that price, well, they are taking a little longer to sell.  Values has gone up for Laveen in the last year, and depending on which time frame you look at it can vary between 4 to 10 percent increase.  It’s really how you look at statistics, but overall you can rest assured, Laveen home values have increased by at least 4% for the year.