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Sales Information April 2017

Abril 2017

Find below sales information for April 2017 for the Laveen Arizona area.  Of course we will be looking at a lot of current statistical information, for the month of April, but also making use of the recent sales information for Laveen in the month ending March 2017.


159 properties currently for sale

131 properties currently under contract

87 properties sold in month of March 2017

1.83 months of current inventory

$110.83 was average $/square foot for homes sold

$150,000 was the lowest sale

$1,190,000 was the highest – FYI – this was highest in YEARS!

74 was average days on market for sold properties

$122.71 is current average dollar a square foot for active listings


Commentary for Laveen Az real estate market

When the inventory level is under 3 months, it is a seller market.  At this time as reported above, Laveen real estate market stands at 1.83 months, which is indeed still a seller market.  Basically, a great time to sell.  Home values have gone up, rapidly at first in 2013 and steadily since 2014.  It remains a great time to sell.


November 22, 2016

Lets look at the statistics for Laveen real estate market.  We will look at sales going back 30 days, as well as current properties on the market and those under contract.  Here are the current numbers:

163 properties currently for sale

146 properties currently under contract

67 properties sold in last 30 days

2.43 months of current inventory

$165,000 was lowest recent property sale

$499,000 was the highest recent sale

$110.33 was the average sale price per square foot

$220,898 was the average sale price for those homes that sold


It is a seller market, with the current inventory at 2.43 months.  This means that sellers basically have the upper hand, because buyers have less inventory from which to select a home.  In some instances (especially on lower priced homes) sellers may see multiple offers and shorter sales times.  Values are holding steady, with a decent increase year to date.

Going into the holidays, is it still a good time to sell?  My answer is YES!  It is a seller market, and buyers are out buying homes.  If you need to sell, homes are still selling regardless of the time of year.

Looking to sell?  Call me for a free consultation!  We can discuss the market, your home value, time to sell home, and how much you will net at the close of the sale.

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